Church Logo Design - A Guide for Churches and Ministries

Church Logo Design: A Guide for Churches and Ministries

Church Logo Design Guide will help you understand the role of a logo in your branding and marketing efforts.


6 Common Types of Logos for Your Church

Confused about what logo to use for your church? Check out our blog post to learn 6 common types of logos.


How to Hire a Church Logo Designer

Learn how to hire a church logo designer and make sure your ministry leverages the design in helping people find hope…


8 Winning Tips for Church Branding

Helo your church stand out from the crowd with our 8 winning tips for church branding.


Bad Church Logo Design Mistakes

Bad Church Logo Design

Learn how to avoid bad church logo design with 6 different examples provided.


8 Reasons Why Your Church Needs Logo

8 Reasons Why Your Church Needs a Logo

Discover the power of branding with 8 reasons why it's an essential branding tool for your church.


Evangel Church – Bismarck, ND

Evangel's branding reflects a well-established church relevant in its visual communications style.



15 Best Church Logos With a Cross

There are creative ways to use a cross in a church logo. Discover 15 inspiring examples.


3 Elements of Timeless Church Logo Design

Design a logo with timeless appeal. Read our blog post to learn 3 essential elements.


Brave Church – Miami, FL

Brave Church is a multi-generational and multi-cultural church that is in the heart of Miami, FL.


Kensington Church - Church Logo Design

Kensington Church – Michigan

Kensington Church is a multi-campus community with locations across Michigan.


Christ Fellowship Miami - Church Logo Design

Christ Fellowship – Miami, FL

Christ Fellowship is a family-friendly and gospel-led community in Miami.


Station Church - Church Logo Design

Station Church – Hornell, NY

Station Church is a small rural church with a team of huge minded dreamers.


Red Hills Church - Church Logo Design

Red Hills Church – Newberg, OR

Red Hills Church has gone through renaming a few times to reach a point where they have an inclusive name and a strong…


Life Anglican Church Sydney Logo Design

Life Anglican Church – Sydney, AU

Life Anglican Church is a multi-site church in the growing North West of Sydney established in 1884.


theChapel - Church Logo Design Ideas

theChapel – Tarpon Springs, FL

theChapel is a unique community that values both rich tradition and fresh creativity.


Vive Culture - Church Logo Design

VIVE Culture Church – Kansas City, MO

Learn about a logo to market in the city even if people didn’t go to church.


The Community Chapel - Church Logo Design

The Community Chapel – St. Petersburg, FL

A church logo with a letter is a popular concept and The Community Chapel used this concept really well with their…


Life Church - Community - Ministry Logo

Community – Warana, Queensland, AU

People often ask how the ministry came up with an ultra-modern take on a simple letter design that is quite unique and…


Tabernacle - Church Logo Redesign

Tabernacle Baptist Church – Ennis, TX

Learn the story behind a major rebranding Tabernacle Baptist Church has recently undergone.


Nineteen Hundred - Church Logo Design

Nineteen Hundred – Clay County, FL

A unique name and a simple timeless logo help Nineteen Hundred church be a light in the darkness.


Hope Fellowship - Church Logo Design

Hope Fellowship – Frisco, TX

When we look closely and know a bit of a story, there is more meaning in a logo we could easily notice.


Newspring - Church Logo Design

NewSpring Church – Anderson, SC

The monogram NewSpring Church uses might feel pretty obvious but there is more to its meaning.


Fuel Church - Church Logo Design

Fuel Church – Lakeland, FL

A church logo that has an illustration style is not something you see a lot which is why Fuel Church really stands out.


The Rock - Church Logo Design

The Rock Church – Convay, SC

A church logo doesn't have to be complex. The Rock Church has a simple, and easy-to-read logo that is also very…