People often ask how the ministry came up with an ultra-modern take on a simple letter design that is quite unique and slick. Find out more.

About Life Church

Community is a ministry of Life Church which is a contemporary Pentecostal ACC church that prioritizes great community and relational fellowship. The church was planted in Mooloolaba, Queensland over 25 years ago. However, it has continued to grow over that time and recently has merged with another church on the Sunshine Coast.

Since the merge, they have seen exponential growth and are now poised to begin a new stage of acquiring land and a facility to house Life Church’s future and ministry to the Sunshine Coast in the years to come.

The church has a large priority on family and fellowship. It’s not rare for new people to be surprised at how quickly they will be asked out for a meal. And many people have found this church to be their home through strong relationships and space for a family to settle in.

Ministry name and meaning

Community is the name of Life Church’s youth ministry. It began some 20 years ago as ‘Adrenaline’ (because teens are full of hormones ?), then became ‘NewGen’ (short for a New Generation that is rising; slightly less demeaning ?), and then it became ‘Community’ with their previous Youth Pastor. The primary reason we felt to change it to ‘Community’ was to create a title to the gathering that made sense to the new person or outsider. And in doing so, hopefully, communicate the reason they’re there – for people!

Church means many things to many people and hopefully, to most, it means a place that houses encounters with God and Godly relationships. But Generally, they felt that when you ask the unbeliever what church means to them, it means a place for the community. And so they’ve been very intentional about calling it exactly what it is, removing the jargon from the title, and communicating clearly what someone might expect if they were to come.

What the ministry logo represents

Obviously, the logo is a 3D ‘C’ that they’ve emphasized to extenuate the negative space. However, some people have quickly noticed a sideways smiling face. They loved the discovery and enjoy it when people associate a smiling face with their community.

People often ask how we came up with an ultra-modern take on a simple letter design that is quite unique and slick. The idea was born when thinking about the name, “Community” and that they wanted to present an honest and friendly face to the newcomer.

It’s a great shame that the Church to many people has become a cultural relic or organization to disassociate with. And in doing so, many today have a preconceived notion of what church or faith is.

What coincided with the idea for a ‘3D C’ was the idea that there’s more to the church than meets the eye. There’s more depth of discovery within the church than the newcomer might perceive. And just like faith in Christ, there’s always more grace and empowerment to keep them walking on the journey of faith. So they felt the ‘3D C’ with an emphasis on underlying sides of the C communicated the idea there’s more to this community when you get involved and invested.

Meaning of the colors

The church had a prophecy before the merge that two pools of water would come together and form a bigger, more life-giving pool than before. That pool would spill its borders and give life to the community at large.

The church decided to go for a blue, after the prophetic image of water over their church. They choose a blue that was vibrant enough, whilst also being calm and subtle. The main colors that are used are white, black and a particular blue (#03a7c1)

How to church wants to be perceived

That real supportive community is occurring for those who are involved in our church and that we are down to earth in the sense that we value and prioritize people in an ever-increasingly lonely world. We hope people feel warm encouraged that behind the bold but gentle text and it’s a modern approach, that a friendly, down to earth bunch of people are meeting and would be welcoming of them too to the journey of faith.

Find out more

We would like to thank Dylan Goode from Life Church SC for sharing the story behind the design. To find out more about the church visit their website and follow them on social media: