A church logo that has illustration style is not something you see a lot which is why Fuel Church really stands out.

The logo clearly communicates their vision – Carry the fire into our cities and world through community involvement, strategic outreach, and relational evangelism.

There are four ideas the logo communicates:

  • The Lantern – being responsible for carrying the purpose God has for our lives
  • The Fuel – God’s word and love fuel our lives so that we can pour out into others
  • The Fire – the person of the Holy Spirit empowers us to live a life of passion
  • The Call – we are supposed to carry the fire into the darkness and impact others

The word “FUEL” looks hand-designed and fits so well with the symbol. The word “CHURCH” is a sans-serif font that fits perfectly with the rest of the design.

Find out more about the church and their logo at their website: Fuel Church