Sometimes when we look closely and know a bit of a story there is more meaning in a logo we could easily notice.

Hope Fellowship started when pastor John McKinzie moved to Frisco from Tennessee. He desired to bring hope and fellowship to the area. The heart of the church has always been for broken and hurt who feel hopeless to find full hope and true fellowship.

DFW is a very multicultural hotspot. Now a lot of people move there for the cost of living and jobs opportunities. Some say it is a Texan version of NYC or San Francisco. Many people who come have experienced a lot of hopelessness. Those who come often felt there was never enough for them where they lived.

The church community has about 8 thousand people with small campuses. Even though the church is large people don’t even realize.

The Logo

Hope Fellowship logo was designed by a former communications director. A lot of people call it the bacon and sometimes ask friends about “the bacon” symbol when they see on a car.

It is purposefully uneven and nonsymmetrical because that’s what life is like. The curves are different. The square is not perfect. The parts are uneven. It’s crooked because that’s what life is. The path is narrow, and that’s what leads to Jesus.

There have been discussions to make it more even and upgrade it. It turned out that most people don’t see it – it feels right for the church and communicates who they are.

The Name

When people hear the church’s name, they are supposed to feel it’s a place where they can go and be loved and cared for. Hope Fellowship is a community to come and get healthy. Its goal is to be an open door church where you can be treated if you want to. You don’t have to. It’s low maintenance. The church wants to serve and invest in other people’s lives – if you have been helped go and help somebody else. Hope Fellowship wants to create helpers – You matter to God, and you matter to us.

Special thanks

We would like to thank Seth Muse from Hope Fellowship for sharing the story of the church. If you want to become a better church communicator connect with Seth on social media and check out his website.