Life Anglican Church is a multi-site church in the growing North West of Sydney established in 1884.

About Life Anglican Church

The Church has been in the area since 1884 originally planting and establishing separate Churches in Riverstone, Quakers Hill, Marsden Park, and Schofields. Over time the local churches have had closures, planted out, adopted and revitalized. Seeking to be engaging the changing face of culture in Western Sydney the Church has worked hard at transforming into a rapidly adapting contemporary gospel-driven multi-site church.

Name origin and meaning

Life Anglican Church is all about sharing Life in Jesus. As traditional Church names began to age Saint Stephens and Saint Pauls Anglican Church began to be known more by their suburb names Quakers Hill & Riverstone Anglican Church but in time those names too became limited in properly identifying the Church as a multisite unit. Through some market research and focus groups the word “Life” was identified as both an appropriately descriptive and engaging church name. It was also concluded the “Anglican” was held in high esteem in the area and therefore was retained in branding and logo.

What the church logo design represents

Market researched showed it was important as the Church renamed that it retained clearly as a local Church. The “L” in “Life” deliberately depicts the Cross of Christ much more clearly identified in the “L heptagon badge”. There was also a desire to create a logo that was versatile enough for multiple contexts and to clearly communicate the words “Anglican Church”.

The seven-sided heptagon/septagon was a contemporary interpretation of circles that were originally in the Church logo. Also, it was found that hexagons were much more commonly used in logo design and so the heptagon was chosen for its level of uniqueness.

Meaning of the color

Blue was originally retained as a tribute to the previous design and existing branding like the painting of church venues. The dark grey, black and white versions of the logo were established as the preferred choice of logo color.

Life Anglican Church - Colors

How the church wants to be perceived

Life Anglican Church desires to be one united multisite church saturating our areas with Life in Jesus both in how we give of ourselves in family-like community and passionate serving and how we proclaim the New Life in Jesus through gospel-driven words and visibly missional actions.

Find out more

We would like to thank Daniel Walmsley from Life Anglican Church Sydney for sharing the story behind the design. To find out more about the church visit their website and follow them on social media:

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We help churches create logos and branding that communicates who they are and help people make stronger connections with communities of believers.

We help churches create logos and branding that communicates who they are and help people make stronger connections with communities of believers.

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