Station Church is a small rural church with a team of huge minded dreamers.

About Station Church

Station just launched on Easter of this year. We have had amazing mentors come alongside of us. One of the most impactful relationships we have is with First Assemblies of God North Little Rock under Rod Loy who has been a guide and foundation for our church. Before launching – the church was named New Life Church and other names before that. This church has been a pillar in our small train industry town for decades but has gone through many ups and downs. From a dying, if the not dead church of 15 people we have seen a revitalization and life breathed not only into our church but into our community. Our town is riddled with poverty; of our cities population, 70% live under the poverty line. We have anything form big-hearted generous mature believers to people that are still trying to figure out if Jesus is worth their time. It’s a fun mix of crazy!

Core Values

  1. Our vision
    We dream of being a movement of influencers, innovators, and word changer activating communities through the Gospel.
  2. Our values
    – Every soul matters to God
    – Connect with God through Worship & Prayer
    – The Bible is our guidebook for living
    – Resolve conflict biblically
    – Everything is better in teams
    – We must build healthy families
  3. Our goal
    Build life long followers of Jesus.

Name origin and meaning

It’s had gotten shorter and moved towards being bison based rather than cliche. Vision is a priority from the heart of our 4 co-leading pastors so the name needed to matter. Our name came about because of the identity of our community. Our cities health has been based on train industry contracts since early in its conception and it is the major identifier for our town.

What the church logo design represents

The t’s look like a cross but also train tracks.

Meaning of the color

Colors that have a life to them – fun energetic – different.

Station Church - Colors


How the church wants to be perceived

The definition of Station has a lot of meaning for us: a regular stopping place on a public transportation route, especially one on a railroad line with a platform and often one or more buildings. We want to be a hub for our city, a place people know they can find freedom, hope, and love. We want people to find Jesus and this Station to be where they have the opportunity to start there journey.

Find out more

We would like to thank Tj Rosa, Jackie Rosa, Brittany Bolduc, Joel Bolduc from Station Church for sharing the story behind the design. To find out more about the church visit their website and follow them on social media: