theChapel is a unique community that values both rich tradition and fresh creativity.

About theChapel

The church has a deep desire to see people the way God sees them. It produces a focus on honor, generosity, service, and excellence. They exist to equip and empower people to reach their God-given potential in Christ.

They had our first service in January of 2010, and some of the favorite moments followed over the next few years:

  • Beach Baptism
  • Family Fun Days
  • Collective Serve Day
  • Launching the element student ministry just to name a few.

They’ve been very creative with their facilities as they made room for the people God has brought to them, and
just recently they bought a local shopping center that we’re renovating to become their new home base!

Name origin and meaning

The church was planted by Grace Family Church in Tampa and operated for a year as part of the same organization. They continue to have an excellent relationship with GFC, and both churches are healthy, vibrant, and growing. When they separated off in 2011, they got to rebrand and chose to call it theChapel. The first property was owned by a school at the time, and the building where they had service was known as “The Chapel.” They felt like it gave that sense of tradition, and they felt that the creative capitalization added a little fresh feeling to it.

Core values

As strange as it may sound, they have not yet drawn hard lines around a set of core values for theChapel. They’ve always tried to observe what God is doing around them and align the values to match that. What’s important to God is important to them, and they depend on Scripture to show the next right thing.

What the church logo design represents

The logo is special to the church. They call it the “shard circle.” On one level, it’s intended to give you the sense of stained glass. The building where they started is an older, traditional space complete with a pipe organ and steeple. The stained glass feel reflects their affinity for long-standing church tradition. The “shards” themselves represent each of us…often broken and uniquely shaped…yet we come together to occupy a space that God has designed our lives and experiences perfectly to fit. Because of Jesus, a busted, jagged life is restored to be a part of something beautiful.

theChapel Color Variations - Church Logo Design Ideas

Meaning of the color

The colors themselves were chosen initially based on the feeling that they create when viewed together. It’s a lively, diverse kind of church, and they felt like the color palette reflected that. Also, each color eventually evolved to denote specific areas of ministry within the church.

theChapel - Colors

Find out more

We would like to thank Dave Reusch from theChapel for sharing the story behind the design. To find out more about the church visit their website and follow them on social media: