Church logos are an essential part of churches’ brand identities. There is a number of elements that need to be considered when churches get into the process of designing a new logo. They must be attractive, easy to recognize, and – most importantly – relevant. A serious law firm would not want a whimsical, flashy logo. Conversely, a toy company would probably avoid something too rigid or professional in appearance. The same concept can be applied if you want to decide what types of logos your church should consider.

6 Common Types of Logos for Your Church

There are a variety of logotypes that can be used in the logo design process. Some churches use multiple logos, while others stick with one to reinforce their image. There are no hard rules when you design church logos, but some types might be more suitable depending on the image that you are going for.


A word mark is a simple but elegant way to design ministry logos. It consists only of letters and/or numbers – there are no symbols or pictures here. The key to creating a great wordmark is to choose the right font, color, and shading. This is more complex than it sounds.

The font you choose goes a long way in creating an image for your church. More traditional churches may use a classic script font but should stay away from modern, playful fonts. Contemporary churches looking to draw younger crowds may go in the opposite direction when they design ministry logos.

Brand Mark/Pictorial Mark

A brand mark uses a unique image to identify your company. Think of something like a silhouette of a runner for a shoe company or a loaf of bread for a bakery. For a church, it could be a drawing of a steeple or an elaborate picture of a cross. You want the image to create a direct connection between the viewer and your organization.

When you are introducing a new brand mark, you will want to use it in conjunction with a wordmark. This will help people associate your unique symbol with your ministry. With enough exposure, you will soon be able to phase out the word mark if you desire. Think about the McDonald’s classic “M” logo which is instantly recognizable to most of the world’s population.

Combination Mark

This type of logo uses a word mark and a brand mark. As mentioned above, this is a great way to create a new identity for your organization. Combination marks can simply be a picture with the name of the company below it. They can also incorporate the words into the picture, creating a logo that can’t easily be separated into two.

Abstract Mark

These are artistic church logos that may not seem relevant to the organization at first glance. It may take some explanation to help people understand why they represent the ministry. However, they can be very effective. Think about the Nike “swoosh.” It doesn’t inherently portray an image of running shoes, but it has become a globally recognized logo.


An emblem often called a crest, puts letters and numbers inside of a symbol. This is common with automobile companies. Consider the Volkswagen “VW” symbol that adorns the hood of their vehicles. It is simple, unique, and effective.


A monogram is sometimes called a letter mark. It can be one or several letters that represent your organization. It might be the first letter of the name, or it could be an abbreviation for a longer title. Like a wordmark, font, color, and shading are very important here. One letter may not seem like much, but these little things will help it stand out above others.


Your church’s identity is an amalgamation of many things, and the logo design process is a key part of that. It is important to evaluate the image that you want to curate for your church before you design ministry logos. From here, you can look at drafts of different types of logos. You may decide that a classic-looking emblem is perfect for your traditional church. On the other hand, you might prefer an abstract mark if you run a modern, youthful ministry.

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