15 Best Church Logos With a Cross

1. Bethlehem Church Read more about Bethlehem Church 2. Castleview Baptist Church Visit Castleview Baptist Church website 3. Cathedral Of Faith Visit Cathedral Of Faith website 4. Central Christian Church Visit Central Christian Church…

Station Church - Church Logo Design

Station Church – Hornell, NY

Station Church is a small rural church with a team of huge minded dreamers. (more…)

Christ Fellowship Miami - Church Logo Design

Christ Fellowship – Miami, FL

Christ Fellowship is family friendly, and gospel lead. (more…)

Kensington Church - Church Logo Design

Kensington Church – Michigan, IL

Kensington Church is a multi-campus community with locations across Michigan. (more…)

Red Hills Church - Church Logo Design

Red Hills Church – Newberg, OR

Red Hills Church has gone through renaming a few times to reach a point when they have an inclusive…