15 Best Church Logos With a Cross


1. Bethlehem Church

Read more about Bethlehem Church

Bethlehem Church - Church Logo Design

2. Castleview Baptist Church

Visit Castleview Baptist Church website

Castleview Baptist Church - Church Logo Design

3. Cathedral Of Faith

Visit Cathedral Of Faith website

Cathedral Of Faith - Church Logo Design

4. Central Christian Church

Visit Central Christian Church website

Central Christian Church - Church Logo Design

5. Crossroads Church

Read more about Crossroads Church

Crossroads - Church Logo Design

6. Discovery Church Colorado

Visit Discovery Church Colorado website

Discovery Church Colorado - Church Logo Design

7. Doxology Bible Church

Visit Doxology Bible Church website

Doxology Bible Church - Church Logo Design

8. First Baptist Orlando

Visit First Baptist Orlando website

First Baptist Orlando - Church Logo Design


9. Good News Church

Visit Good News Church website

Good News Church - Church Logo Design

10. Hope Church

Visit Hope Church website

Hope Church - Church Logo Design

11. Church For Everyone

Read more about Church For Everyone

Kościół dla każdego - Church Logo Design

12. New Covenant United Methodist Church

Read more about New Covenant United Methodist Church

New Covenant United Methodist Church - Church Logo Design

13. Pine Lake Covenant Church

Visit Pine Lake Covenant Church website

Pine Lake Covenant Church - Church Logo Design

14. Pinelake Church

Read more about Pinelake Church

Pinelake - Church Logo Design

15. Redemption Bible Church

Visit Redemption Bible Church website

Redemption Bible Church - Church Logo Design


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