Brave Church is a multi-generational and multi-cultural church that is in the heart of Miami, FL.

About Brave Church

The church was originally founded as Central Bible Assembly of God by Pastor David Stocker Sr., who pastored the church for more than 25 years. The baton was later handed to its current lead pastor, David Stocker Jr. Brave Church is made up of incredibly authentic, creative, and passionate people who love God and love people.

Name origin and meaning

The original name “Central Bible Assembly of God” changed a few times to “Central Bible”, “Central Church”, and “Central MIA”. The name “Brave Church” came to be around April of 2017, but the vision came months before. We wanted to have a unique church name that didn’t sound like a typical church. We wanted it to pop when people saw it or heard it. We aren’t a typical Miami church so we wanted our name to communicate our passion for God and for this city. Since changing the name, Brave Church has become a name that is known for authenticity and a place full of joyful people. A place where lives can be changed forever

What the church logo design represents

Our logo is very loud and very obvious. We didn’t want a lion to be cheesy as it so easily can become, so we decided to go with a full body lion with a geometric pattern. One little nuance is the direction the logo is walking in. Similar to how the US Army faces their flag on the uniforms to show that they are always moving forward and advancing, the direction of our logo took a very similar approach.

Brave Church - Color Variations

Meaning of the color

Black and white is very simple, basic, and clean. We didn’t want anything to distract or limit our creativity on branding as black and white will always be current.

How the church wants to be perceived

We want people to feel like Brave Church is a place they are welcome in. Where they feel at home and where they feel they belong. We want to always be known for being creative, authentic, and passionate.

Brave Church - Mockup

Find out more

We would like to thank Jason Callahan from Brave Church for sharing the story behind the design. To find out more about the church visit their website and follow them on social media: