Christ Fellowship is family friendly, and gospel lead.

About Christ Fellowship

Christ Fellowship is 100 years old. The people consist of young families, kind, hardworking, and passionate about their communities.

Christ Fellowship Miami - About

Name origin and meaning

Christ Fellowship is not the original name. I used to be 1st Baptist Church of Perrine. The church wanted to update its identity, and the area where the church was no longer called Perrine, the church was also changing to a multi-site model. The name communicates that we are a people in fellowship because of Christ.

Christ Fellowship Miami Symbol - Mark

What the church logo design represents

I believe the logo represents our faith. It is a palm tree in a circle. The palm tree stands without breaking or falling thru hurricanes and other kinds of storms. It remains rooted.

Christ Fellowship Miami - Color Variations

Meaning of the color

The colors are a representative sign of stability and reliability

Christ Fellowship Miami - Colors

How the church wants to be perceived

Family-friendly, accessible, God-fearing, gospel lead. When they see the logo they should feel as though Christ Fellowship cares for its community because God cares for their community.

Christ Fellowship Miami - Mockups

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We would like to thank Stephanie Canto from Christ Fellowship for sharing the story behind the design.

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